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Are you a fashion enthusiast who always want to stay trendy? A simple trick that can work for you is to care for your body health. You can invest in grooming routine where you can visit a salon for a facial treatment, manicure and pedicure etc. When it comes to your personality, one thing which adds to your personality is the beauty of your hands. How you care for your skin or nails takes a count in your looks.

Today, we will be talking specifically about the idea of hand grooming with artificial nails. If you are looking forward to getting a nails treatment, here we bring you 6 different types of options which you can consider:


Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are made through different products like liquid powder which is sculptured by experts to get cover for your nails. When this liquid is exposed to air, it becomes hard and stiff giving you a perfect look. However, these nails need to be refilled after every 2 to 3 weeks to cover the growth. Moreover, the removal process needs an expert to use acetone or nail file to remove the coating from your nails.


Crystal Nails

The next type of nails we have on our list is the crystal nails. The crystal nails are also very similar to the acrylics but are actually an attachment made through a gel, resin or clear acrylic. Though the process of application is similar to acrylic, it gives a glossy look on drying because of the clear polish used to coat the extensions.


Gel Nails

The most loved type of nails which most women prefer are the gel nails. It is thick polish which does not crack easily and gives a gloss finish. An experienced Scottsdale Nails professional would use a coating of your selected color to polish your nails and then taking every coat under UV light for a better setting.


Powder Nails

Are you an active user on social media? You probably have seen the powder nails worn by celebrities. They are long lasting as compared to other artificial nails and the process needs to get a base coat followed by dipping of nails in color powder which you prefer. It is an instant dry process which only needs some expert technique to turn dry powder into a glossy manicure.


Press on nails

If you are working women who have a busy schedule? Press on nails is made for you as they are cheap and could be easily found in the nearest drug store, eBay, Amazon as well as any other small retail market store near you. They are not so lasting but one can easily repurchase them according to the need. They do not require any professional to help and you can apply them on your own.


Silk wrap nails

The last name in our list that we have are the silk wrap nails. They are worked on your natural nails to add some strength to your weak nails. They are made of different materials like linen, fiberglass, and silk. However, the silk wrap for nails are temporary and only last for a maximum of 3 weeks.


So, now you have 6 great options to consider for making your hands look better with artificial. All you need to consider is your style, budget, and an expert who could help you with the option of your choice.

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