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  • The Classic Manicure$16 +
    Soak to clean and cuticle care, trim and reshape nails, arm massage to sooth muscles then polish.
  • The Luxury Manicure$23 +
    Includes all off the classic manicure services, plus skin exfoliation with sugar scrub and lotion massage, hot towel and top off with polish.
  • The VIP Manicure$33 +
    Includes all off the classic manicure services, plus combining hand sugar scrub for skin exfoliation and paraffin wax treatment, arm massage, hot towels and top off with perfect polish application.

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    Even for a casual handshake, you need your hands to be prim and proper in order to make an impression on the people along with looking beautiful. Softness of hands is something which comes and goes with time and type of work we carry out. However, with regular care one can maintain that beauty and softness for longer period.

    Manicure services take care of the hands as well as the nails. Lot of people don’t know but it is an integral part of the beauty industry as well as your body. We understand the fact and work accordingly. All the skin types, nail types are different, so we work our magic after accessing the types to avoid any reaction to your skin or nails.

    Even your search for “Manicure near me” will not be futile as we have our stores scattered in whole Scottsdale and the nearby areas. We stand out in the crowd of other salons and nail bars by offering the best quality services to each and every client. We offer that something extra, which you will not find anywhere or any other place.

    Basic Procedure of Manicure Services offered by our team

    At Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa – Nail Salon, we have a team of skin specialists, nail experts and professionals who are eager to take care of your hands and make them look attractive, as well as soft and gorgeous. The list is basic, which means that if the type of service you wishing for not listed, then we will provide that if we can.

    Are you ready to impress just with a flick of finger or a handshake?

    1. We start with soaking your hands in warm water for few moments.
    2. Once the hands are soaked then the nails will be trimmed as well as filed based on the selected shape.
    3. Removal of nail cuticles is the next step.
    4. Once this is done then the professionals will try to smooth the nails and remove the ridges, if there is any.
    5. The preparation is done. Now the hands will be massaged with oils along with moisturizers to instigate the blood flow in the hands and help in keeping the softness of the hands intact.
    6. After a thorough massage, the hands will be wrapped in warm towels to let the essentials of the oils and moisturizers sink deep in the skin.
    7. After that, the nails will be beautified by gorgeous nail art from our experts.

    All the items used on your hands and nails are certified and approved by the concerned authorities of the beauty industry. We only use best quality product on our clients to give them the best experience of life.

    Don’t forget that your something extra will also be there in sweet pouch when you will leave our place. All the services offered at our saloon are reasonably priced. You can book the appointment through online process as well. We claim to offer Best Manicure in Scottsdale because we understand the need and requirement of each and every client and customize our services accordingly.

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