Regular Acrylic Full Set $30
Regular Acrylic Fill In $25
Acrylic White Tips Full Set $35
Acrylic White Tips Fill In $25
Acrylic Pink & White Powder Fill In $40
Acrylic Pink & White Powder Full Set $50
Glitter Acrylic Powder Full Set $50
Glitter Acrylic Powder Fill In $40

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This option is a convenient one for everyone belonging to every lifestyle. It is easy to carry as well as manage and no doubt it looks beautiful on hands. We have a wide range of options including colors styles and designs in this section for you to choose. So choose and play with the colors the way you want.

Does it cause damage to real nails?

If the procedure to apply and maintenance of the nails afterward is right then there are no chances of damage to the real nails or the nails plate.

Why Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa?

The right question here is why not Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa. We haven’t given any reason to anyone since the very first day we have started working in this industry. We have reviews and testimonials to support our work. Still here are some of the reasons which make us stand apart.


Best Quality:

We do what we claim. We claim to offer the best quality services in Scottsdale and the nearby area and we do provide the best quality services. Doesn’t matter what we offer, whether it is Manicure services or acrylic nails Scottsdale, we offer quality for all.


Experienced Professionals:

We have the team of experienced professionals who are well aware of each and every procedure related to the services offered by us. We have specialists for manicures or nail enhancements who offer best acrylic nails polish. Our professionals are well aware of the rules of the market and follow them religiously.


Reasonable Rates:

We do not over-charge for any of our services. We charge for what we provide. Hence, the rates offered at our salon are the most reasonable ones.


Something Extra:

We always believe in standing out in the crowd by providing something extra, something better for our clients. The quality or good service is something which we provide because it’s our duty. Something extra which we offer with our services is our USP.

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