Service Name Price
Gelous Dip Powder Manicure Fill In NA
Gelous Dip Powder Manicure French Full Set $45
Gelous Dip Powder Manicure French Fill In NA
Gelous Dip Powder Full Set $50
Gelous Dip Powder Fill In $45
Gelous Dip Powder Pink & White Full Set $55
Gelous Dip Powder Pink & White Fill In $50
Gelous Dip Powder FS w/Regular Polish Full Set $40
Gelous Dip Powder FS w/Regular Polish Fill In $30

Ready for a miracle manicure which lasts longer than anything- Get Dip powder nails!


Tired of chipped nails and visiting salons after every week? None of the manicures stays for more than a week? Looking for something more durable and classy?

At Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa, all your wishes can come true. We offer different kind of manicure services based on the need and requirement of the client. One of the procedures used at our saloon is of Powder Nail Polish. The procedure of the manicure remains the same only the last few steps change. Instead of applying regular nail paint here we apply dipping nails in Scottsdale.

Unlike other procedures, this one takes half the time to apply and get dry plus it also stays for a longer duration of time. The process is as simple as it comes. Now you don’t have to spend hours to get the whole manicure done. The procedure requires to apply and reapply of activators, so think before you go DIY.

We offer the Best Dip Powder Nail in Scottsdale as we understand the importance of good quality products and offer the same. Most of the female complaints that their manicure does not last more than few days let say 2-3 days which really put bummer in their moods. They always try to find a way to avoid that chipping or breaking but anyhow it happens. This procedure of powder nail polish is popular among the female now because it stays longer without getting chipped and requires less amount of time to get it done.

At Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa, we have the team of best professionals and experts of the industry. All the professionals working with us have a decade of experience under their belts and understand the need to get beautiful without any damage and they provide the same. the process of powder dip is not but quite an old one it gained popularity because of the digital platforms where people share their views.


What is dip powder nail polish?

Dip powders are started as the alternative to the common procedures including acrylics nails or gel polish. The process takes less time and is more durable than others. There is no odor in the powder dip and they get dry in a heartbeat.

It is nothing but a powdery substance with the characteristic property of staying longer that too without using UV rays or any other form of extra work.


Is it long lasting?

Most of the users, as well as saloon experts, have claimed that the process has long-lasting results and chances of nail chipping or something similar is next to impossible for at least 2 weeks. Their durability attracts more customers towards the saloons.


Any harm to the nails or skin?

Till now the cases of harms are negligible. Hence the procedure is known as one of the safest among the rest of the other manicures. Nail plates, as well as skin, stays undamaged and healthier even after the removal process which is a miracle for the people.

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