Gel Manicure French $35 +
Polish Change Gel Color $20 +
Polish Change Gel French $25 +
Gel Pedicure (Ex:Classic Pedi) $41 +
Gel Pedicure French (Ex: Classic Pedi) $46 +
Polish Change Gel Toes $25 +
Polish Change Gel Toes French $30 +

Chip free! Long Lasting! Instant Drying- Gel Manicure, Shellac, Soft Gel Manicure


In the current era, people are aware of themselves, their surroundings and everything else. They understand the importance of taking care however the involvement of creativity in care is added a few decades back only.


The concept of nail art or nail polish is not a new one but it does get popularity in recent years only. The introduction of new techniques and procedures such as clear gel nail polish manicure, etc. has enhanced this popularity. You will be surprised to know that the word manicure is basically derived from the French word manicure which means “care of the hands”. The process itself means taking care of hands.


With the advancement in technologies, a gel manicure can be performed in the same amount of time than the old procedure of manicures and offer better results. Gel Manicures offer longevity, sturdiness, durability and an extra high shine to the nails and hands.


At Scottsdale Hand and Foot Spa, we offer the latest procedures of Gel Manicure, Shellac, and Soft Gel Manicure to make you feel and experience beauty at its best. There are several myths related to gel manicures but remember that they are just myths not reality. We take care of our clients and pay attention to all the products used on them.


Each and every procedure, as well as product used at our place, is completely safe. We do not entertain wrong practices which are used just to gain monetary benefits. We believe in offering the best quality along with something extra to our clients. We use the Best Gel Nail Polish to keep any kind of harm at bay and provide the best results to all our clients.


Nails are something which is visible at all times and due to any reason if they are disfigured or discolored then the situation becomes a little bit embarrassing and makes it difficult to meet or work with people outside your home. In cases like this gel manicures is like a godsend. These gel manicures can easily hide the discoloring and other negativities. Several patients along with regular people have smiled after the introduction of this procedure.


Is it harmful?

Gel manicure is not harmful if the procedure is carried out properly. One needs to remember to use a right polish with the right curing lamp for the right amount of time. A slip here and there is the real reason for the creation of the myth that the process is harmful.


Is the UV exposure safe?

The answer is in the question itself. UV exposure is not safe for skin however it does not harm the nails with the layer of clear gel nail polish. Every saloon offers a protective layer of cloth or gloves for the exposed skin to keep it safe from the UV rays hence the process carried out in the saloons is safe if the professional is experienced and an expert.


Are these myths about gel manicures true?


The myth is, in reality, a myth only. They don’t have any relation to the reality and are just some rumors.



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