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Sandals and slippers are must have items when they come to being comfortable around the home and short distance foot walking and especially in hot climates like Arizona. Clean and soft feet because every single person you meet in a day unintentionally get a peep to your shoes and so your feet. So, if you never want the feelings of embarrassments because of dirty feet which are damaged and harden dead skins because of the harsh weather, all you need to do is to work on them to make them lotion them until they are soft and healthy. Here we bring you some quick and amazing tips that will help you get your feet to feel soft like a baby with a perfect schedule of care at home before you start looking for Pedicure Near Me.


Get Them A Soak: The first thing which you can do to have soft feet is to get your feet soaked into the tub full of warm tap water. You can also add the hydrating essential oils and/or bath essential minerals that are good for your skin health. Keep them soaked in it for at least five to ten minutes before you remove them.


Get Rid Of Dead Skin: The next thing which you have to work is to have the dead skin layer on your feet removed. This can be done by using sugar scrub mixed with coconut oil or masques on the areas like heel or toes which are rough to touch. You should scrub the entire area for about two to five minutes before you get your feet rinsed.


Moisturize Damp Skin: As long as you go for drying your feet using a towel, be sure you get your feet moisturized. You should try to get a product which is perfect for your skin type with LHA as it helps to reduce dead skin build up with hydrating of skin. You can get a small amount of lotion on your palms and massage it on your feet until it is completely absorbed.


Seal The Moisture: Once you are done with the application of moisturizer on your feet, you can get it locked in your feet by using some kind of oil like coconut or other skin or body oils. When done cover your feet with socks which will prevent the transfer of moisture into feet.


Keep Your Feet High: Last but not least, you should try to keep your feet high when done with the above treatment. You should avoid keeping your feet on the floor and rather you should sit back and spend time watching a movie or reading book to keep the moisture in place.


So, if you want feet which are soft, smooth and healthy, follow the above instructions or steps for perfect exfoliation and nourishing and moisturizing. They can heal your skin and make it look and feel like baby soft skin. Moreover, you can plan a regular session with the experts manicure and pedicure by searching for a reputed  Nail Salons Near Me. All the best.

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